Our Customers

Our products have been used by over 5000 Large corporations and small businesses all over the world including USA, Canada, Australia, Europe, South America, Dubai, Africa, Mexico and East Asia in English, French, Spanish, Romanian, Dutch & Chinese.

The following is a list of few of our large customers:


The software is so robust, just does its job and lets us concentrate on what we do, free from any anxiety. I feel very confident knowing that CSI support is always there when we need them.

Betty Skoutakis, Cadet Cleaners Toronto

Our customers expect the best, and so do we -
that's why we have chosen CSI as our technology partner.

Peter Accardi, Ashford Cleaners Toronto

CSI has an intimate understanding of the complexity of the Tailor Shop Operation and the need to manage multiple stores operation

Stitchit Corporation

Want to mention the customer service we receive from tech support was superb. He is very courteous, available, returned calls, and took care of every problem we had thru out the last 4 years of our business. I really take my hat off for this kind of customer service.

Tarek Abbas, Signature Dry Cleaners, TX