Our Partners

CSI works closely to provide regional sales, support, services and technology with a wide range of businesses around the world. Our channel partners sell CSI products around the world, and our technology partners work with us to innovate best-of-breed POS solutions.

Channel partners

Our channel partners are authorized to sell our products worldwide and they receive training and support through the CSI Partner Program. This program helps our partners generate sales, increase profit margins, expand their customer base, and help CSI to offer it’s products around the world. For additional information and an application to become a valuable reseller please contact CSI.

Technology partners

Our technology partners include leading corporations that set industry standards, as well as innovative organizations that develop and support adjacent technologies. These collaborations ensure we are able to provide comprehensive POS solutions. Our technology partners fall into two categories: strategic partners and integration partners.

Strategic partners

We have partnerships with leading corporations with whom we share resources, develop products, and help raise industry standards. CSI uses Microsoft as its strategic partner, and our products are based on Microsoft .net Technology. CSI is a Microsoft Certified Partner which enables our staff to possess a high degree of competence and expertise with Microsoft technologies. Read more about CSI solution that is Microsoft Certifed.

Integration partners

These partners are progressive organizations developing adjacent technologies that are integrated with our products.

Credit , debit and Gift card processing.
CSI is integrated with PAyware connect Software to process credit, debit and gift cards. Payware Connect is PCI Compliant and the most robust system in the market. Payware Connect helps reduce fraud losses, saves the merchant time and money, and provides powerful features and performance at the point-of-sale. Read more about Credit Card Processing.

Revolution Payments Merchant Services assists CSI customers in obtaining Merchant accounts. Revolution Payments works with the customer and credit card processors to obtain Merchant accounts quickly and to negotiate the best possible transaction rate. . Read more about Credit Card Processing.

Auto Conveyor Sorting system
CSI products are integrated with HMC, Metalprogetti, and White Conveyor auto sorting system to reduce human error, increase your efficiency. Read more about CSI Auto Sorting system.

Laundry Card System
CSI Laundromat product is integrated with Card Concepts. Card Concepts manufactures and develops automated systems for the self-service Laundromat industry. Read more about Card Concepts.