• Cloud Based or Stand-alone, Best Selling Software With Over 5000 Users

    Dry Cleaning, Clothing Alteration, Shoe Repair, Laundromat, Cloud Based Computing, Garment Tracking, and Auto Assembly.

    Based on the latest technology from Microsoft and the most complete POS on the market with functionality and ease of use that is unmatched by any other products. Click here to learn more

  • Cleantie Platform

    Cleantie Cloud Based is the latest product from CSI. Cleantie is modernizing today’s dry cleaning, laundromat, clothing alteration and shoe repair business. Cleantie platform includes Cleantie POS app, Cleantie/Cleantie+ Customer App, Cleantie Driver App and Cleantie Promo App, all designed to empowe your business.

    Our Cleantie POS is fast with intuitive design for modern businesses. It’s easy for anyone to use as it works across PC, tablet, and smartphone devices. Cleantie’s best-in-class product and tracking system with powerful reporting insights help you make smarter decisions that profit businesses of any size. Cleantie offers the best, and latest technology for your business to empower customers. Click here to learn more

  • Most Used Alteration POS in the Market

    Reliable, Flexible, and Easy to Use.Keep Track of your staff's production using our integrated solution

    Reduced training times and reduced line ups at the terminals are due to TMS´s incredibly intuitive layout. All screens flow naturally and seamlessly between one other so the next step is always predictable.This will help your staff place orders accurately and efficiently, allowing more time for customer service.

  • Laundry Operation with Integrated Scale & Laundry Card

    CSI POS is integrated with Digital Scale & laundry card from CCI and Laundroworks that manufacture and develop automated systems for the self-service laundromat industry. Or use our coins operated process to track the cost of each machine. Sell merchandise & keep track of your inventory.

    Click here to learn more
  • The Most Complete Shoe Repair Management System

    Use on demand barcoded Repair Labels to track each order and notify customer by SMS or email as soon as order is ready for pickup. Keep track of your merchandise inventory and the cost. Click here to learn more

  • Integrated Auto-Assembly and 24/7 Valet System

    CSI Garment Tracking Software is integrated with 3rd Party Auto Assembly Conveyors from Metalprogetti, Quick Sort, Sysmetic and White Conveyor.

    Use our iAssemble, or integrated Auto Assembly System to reduce human error, increase your efficiency and save $1000 of dollars in labor cost. Click here to learn more

  • SMS, Email Notification

    Save time and money while giving great customer service and increase sales by using our automated SMS or email notification system. SMS messaging is a new trend for most of the businesses today.

    Use CSI Notification service to send SMS, EMail to customers when order is ready for pickup or delivery. Customers love SMS notification. Click here to learn more

  • Integrated Credit Card Processing

    Use our Integrated Smart card reader for secure EMV Transaction with Built-In NFC Technology or Web-based platform. Use your own merchant account or CSI to save time and money.

    Minimize the Complexities of Payment Processing. Enable hosted payment processing that is easy to manage and maintenance-free. Our cloud-based hosted payment solution is PCI DSS-compliant to reduce your PCI compliance scope.

    Click here to learn more
  • Cleantie Driver App

    Cleantie Driver app offers a complete and comprehensive route planning system with an optimization technology. Cut down on operating costs, reduce drive time & mileage, and improve customer service with Cleantie route planning solution. Identify the shortest, fastest, and most efficient routes within minutes and take the headache out of route planning & scheduling. Cleantie interactive manifest uses the real-time Route Manager to provide you with step by step delivery instructions. Delivery drivers can save time and fuel with up-to-date information on traffic conditions, distances between points, and estimated travel times.

    Click here to learn more

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