SMS Services

Unlimited SMS Per Month Per Location

Price: $15.00

One Time Activation Fee

Price: $35.00

Save time and money while giving great customer service and increase sales by using our automated SMS or email notification system. SMS messaging is a new trend for most of the businesses today. Use CSI Notification service to send SMS/eMail to customers when the order is ready for pickup/delivery. Customers love SMS notification.

SMS messaging is much more effective than email notification. SMS pops up automatically on all mobile phones, whereas email notification would take much longer and requires user to check the email account and usually ends up in junk mail

SMS messaging has become an efficient way for business owners to communicate with their clients.

SMS messaging is a trend for most of the businesses today.

Sign up for Unlimited SMS Messaging to save money, and send as much as SMS.

One time Activation fee applies to all new SMS accounts

The following are some sample replies received from customers:
"Thank you I will be there to pick up."

"Thanks.. I love this text and email service... My wife will pick it up next few minutes..."

"Thnx. Will pick it up Monday "

"Thank you I will be there to pick up."

"Thank you, this text messaging is great".

"Thanks, I was on my way home, but drop by now"

"Thx, what time do you close "