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CSI is serious about service and support. We stand behind every system, before and after the sale, with product documentation and assistance; quick turnaround shipping; in-depth technical support for users; and extensive on-line product and technical information. Choose from the options below for fast answers to your questions. Our latest update is always available on our website. Please check our New Release notes for our latest updates.

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Any Desk Online Support

To allow CSI support quick access to your computer, use the following link:
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Teamviewer Online Support

To allow CSI support quick access to your computer, use the following link:
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To allow CSI support to access your computer unattended, use the following link to install full version of TeamViewer.
Please email your TeamViewer id and password.
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CSI Servers Current Status

Customers that are using CSI hosted services, please check the following CSI Cloud-based servers current Status before contacting CSI support for any network/connection issues. If CSI servers are operating normally, please check your own network/DNS or contact your ISP for any issues. Click Here to check CSI Servers Status page

Windows XP Support Ended

Please note after 15 years, support for Windows XP ended on July 1, 2017. CSI will not support TMS running on Windows XP, nor TMS 2.2x Version. CSI will not be able to provide license renewal password because there are no more security updates and there is issue with SSL Connection. TMS requires TLS 1.2, which is not supported by Windows XP nor by TMS 2.2x version. This could be a huge security issue with CSI database. For PCI compliance reasons it is very important that customers migrate to a modern operating system such as Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10 and TMS 2.4x version as soon as possible. Customers must purchase the latest TMS 2.4.x update that support Windows 10, or switch to CSI cloud-based hosted solution.

For additional information on CSI upgrade click here.

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CSI License Renewal Process

Customers that are using TMS on Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows10 are required to re-register the license annually. License renewal message pops-up 4 weeks in advance to give users sufficient time to contact CSI. Please note as of January 2017, due to constant Windows security updates, the annual support is mandatory. Customers who wish not to purchase the support plan may use the system as is without getting the registration code by back-dating the System date. If you prefer to register by phone, please call our support line 416-497-0370, or toll-free 1-888-836-7274 x2. When calling, please make sure to have your system Security code ready. To get your Security Code, logon to your server computer. Please note the security code only shows up Tuesday through Friday. After security code is received, logon to TMS, enter your code on the registration screen and select Register. Customers who don't wish to sign up for the annual support plan, must sign the following support refusal form and forward it to csi.

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Support Plan

We believe that having your business is both a privilege and a responsibility. We hope to maintain that business by providing you with the best possible service.

In order to help you to concentrate on your business, it is crucial that CSI provides first-class support that complements our information system solutions. We would like to ensure that you continue to operate your system smoothly and take advantage of the latest upgrades.

We have made our support fee the lowest in the industry (as low as .78c per day), in order to encourage all of our customers to sign up, and protect their investment.

The support fee will be used towards the development of new features and enhancements in order to keep up with the latest technology and changes in the industry. The support gives you the following privileges:

  • Diagnosing Software failures and assistance
  • Free Online backup to protect your valuable data
  • Correcting Software defects
  • Unlimited Toll-free, online and internet assistance
  • Periodic Updates including bug fixes and enhancements
  • Access to our emergency support line during off-shift hours
  • Database Maintenance, and backup

Should you wish to sign up, simply click here and purchase the support package. or switch to CSI hosted solution to protect your investment. CSI hosted solution includes free online support and upgrades. For additional information on CSI hosted solution click here.